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Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Anyone who knows me well knows I hate extreme political views, regardless of the extreme. I hate political parties- all of them. I feel that if we would just eliminate parties, all this squabbling and bickering and name-calling would end; we would finally have a true Democratic process; we would truly get things done; we would honestly listen to each other, and not just try to prove ourselves right every time. I wish so much that we could, for the first time in a long time, consider what is truly the best choices for our country, and not what Fox, or MSNBC, or these corporations tell us is best. Of all the things my mom taught me growing up, (a love for music and art, love for reading, love for learning,) the ability to think for myself is probably the most important thing she's given me. She taught me how to form my own opinions, how to weight other people's input, how to consider my sources of information. I cannot stand it when otherwise intelligent people just parrot what their parents believe, and never truly step back and question it. It kills me when I hear people, whom I respect genuinely care about, buy into the rhetoric and bull crap that is fed to us by the "media" and political interest groups. It makes me sad. My parents have never told me to think the same things they do. My mom, as well as my dad, will always ask me WHY I feel the way I do. They question my opinions because they want me to have valid logic behind them. My dad has said many times that while he doesn't always agree with my views, or even my reasoning behind it, but he respects and admires the fact that I will never shy away from giving my opinion, and that I always can and will back it up. I wish more parents would so this; I know when I get married and have kids, I certainly will.

As long as I'm posting, HUNGER GAMES ROCKED!!! Seriously, it was one of the best books I've ever read. While I still don't like the first-person view, it was a great read.

I've had a wonderful Sabbath today. Last week was good, but today rocked. Sometimes, I honestly do not understand why I used to live my life against Christ, although the word "stupidity" comes to mind often when I think about that.

I don't wanna work tomorrow. I hope it's dead all day so I can get out early.



  1. I love the 4th too! My parents taught me that the only safe political opinions came directly out of the Constitution. I make it a point to re-read the Constitution and Declaration at least once a year. My parents aren't supporters of any political party either.

    How did you find my blog? I don't mind that you read it, but I'm curious. I'm guessing that I made a comment on Dear Bro Jo and you thought I was brilliant and clicked on my profile and found my blog. Yes?

  2. Haha yes, pretty much. I usually check out peoples profiles when they comment on Bro Jo's blog. I found yours to be quite entertaining and refreshing to read. I tried sending a "blogger message" to ya before I started following it, but I guess you never got it.