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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Actually, it doesn't matter where you sit

So today at church, I heard a lady complaining. I'm not sure who she was complaining to, as no one was sitting near her, but I heard what she was saying. She was saying how she had been sitting in that same seat for years, that she was a longtime member of this ward, and it was unfair that other people took her seat. Seriously? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU SIT!!! I cannot imagine what is seriously going through the heads of these people. What matters is that you are at church, and you feel the spirit. uhg.

Yesterday was nice. I went to Mai Tai and just sat and watched everyone dance. It was good. I got to just think, but not feel worried. For a few hours, I felt normal again. I wasn't worried about not having a job. I wasn't frustrated with girls. I was normal for a few hours. I needed it. Back to the grind tomorrow. I really hate not having a job. I wanna work.


  1. I feel your pain. I'm on the hunt for paychecks too. It stinks. Oh well. I'll just pray hard and pay my tithing.

  2. I know. Pay tithing, pray, and hunt for a job everyday. I've already applied for Grub Stubs (food stamps) and Unemployment, just in case this is another long-term thing. (My last period of unemployment lasted nearly 6 months.) On the brite side, though, I get to go out with the missionaries more often.

  3. and that should be bright, not brite. (dyslexia, yet again.)