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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marty Friedman

So, last night I blogged about Jason Becker. Now, Marty Friedman. Most of These are doodles and excerpts from lessons. Enjoy

Heavy Metal Solo (Metal, obviously)
Exotic Clean Solo (Kinda new-age with eastern feel)
Blues-ish Solo (Blues, kinda)
Minor Key Solo (Sad, really. Just, very, very sad.)

Obviously, Marty Friedman's style is much for focused towards the emotions of the notes. While Jason Becker is more theory-based, Marty is more feeling-based. That's why so many people loved it when they played together in Cacophony; it was the perfect mix.

So, as I ranted about people who down-play the talents required to play metal, I guess I should talk about how much I think a guitar should be played more like Marty Friedman and less like Steve Vai. Don't get me wrong, Steve Vai is an excellent guitarist, but all instruments have different ways they should be played, and I think these videos show the best way to play guitar. A guitar is more suited to be played slower, with more holds and pauses than say a trumpet of piano' it's just the way it works with a guitar. Sometimes a guitar sounds great played at high-speed, such as when Jason Becker did Paganini's5th Caprice (Yeah, he was a little sloppy in that video. I think he should have done it without the distortion.) In the end, I think guitar should be more "feeling" based when played. But that's just one fellow's opinion.


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