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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I don't care about Casey Anthony

[Please read: This is a highly opinionated post, and is likely to offend a lot of people who read it, so proceed at your own discretion. If you disagree with anything i write here, which i assume will be everyone who reads it, I am okay with that; I am a highly opinionated person; however I do not enjoy offending people; regardless, if you get so upset that you hate my guts and never wanna talk to me again: Go for it, and then go grow up. I won't lose sleep over it. I promise.]

Okay, that title isn't necessarily true; someone, somewhere, killed a little girl. I don't care about all this attention Casey is getting, and I can't believe people are saying things that are so evil, vile, and hate-filled. How can someone consider himself better than anyone else when he post such crap for everyone to see?These are a few of the things that have been on my Facebook news feed lately. (Please note, some are edited for clarity, content and the fact that I can't stand gross grammatical errors. I feel like my eyes are being [violated] every time I see one.)

"Oh well, the jury may not have served her justice but the people sure will. Hopefully she watches her back. R.I.P Caylee Anthony."

"Not Guilty? Really?"

"I love the justice system, because even when you're innocent, you still have to pay, but [getting] a lot of publicity being guilty, and [getting] paid, its amazing."

"Dear Mommy: I see you smile down there below...are those tears of joy you show? I'm glad you're happy, although you lied...I'd love to be right by your side...but by your choice, I view from above...tell my grandparents I send my's beautiful here is all I can say...your life will go on without me in your way...Love, Caylee Marie XOXO SO SAD:(. Repost if you believe that justice was not served today!!!"

"Dear Casey Anthony,

[expletive often used in reference to intercourse] you! You'll be dead by Christmas, just in time for the holidays!

[an idiot]"

Thankfully, I had one friend who was intelligent enough to realize this had more to do with media hype and less to do with justice.

Like I said earlier, I'm upset that a little girl was murdered, and I'm upset that her mom obviously had some role to play in it, but what's bothering me more is the reaction by the general pubic about this whole situation. This is something that, in all reality, has nothing to do with anyone else. "Justice" and judgement are not our place in regards to other humans; it's God's. A lot of people are not interested in justice because they are denying someone who has the rights to a fair trial. I used to be one of them, until my mom said something to me which actually made me question how I was initially reacting to the whole thing from the beginning of the trial: "Everyone is entitled to due process." It's true. The Constitution is very clear about that, and it's a wonderful protection: one has no burden to prove himself innocent; the accused must first prove him guilty. (this is not always the reality of it, but it's great in theory.) It is the job of the prosecution to prove their case, and it is the job of the defense to cast reasonable doubt on the case brought by the prosecution; while they may feel passionately about their jobs, and they may be (and probably are) motivated my personal convictions of right and wrong, it is still a matter of them doing their jobs; only in the case of our legal system, only one can do his job well enough.

If I had been on that jury, I likely would have found the same verdict. While I believe she is guilty of something, I do not believe the prosecution proved their case.

NEWS FLASH! A VERDICT OF "NOT GUILTY" IS NOT THE SAME A VERDICT OF "INNOCENT." It's just like how a plea of "No Contest" is not the same as a plea of "Guilty."

Something else needs to be said here. This is not a matter of justice. This is a matter of punishment. Our legal system does not bring justice, nor is it any for of justice at all. Our courts are not meant to be moral guides; they are meant to ensure proper enforcement of the law. This is a matter of someone who broke the law, and the state could not prove who it was. Please remember, they also accused her of lying, and she was found guilty of that; they did prove that part of their case. Justice is in the hands of God. Only he knows all things, knows our hearts, and has a true understanding of what is fair. In the end, everyone will pay fairly and justly for the part each played. Until then I am going to be concerned with being the best person I can be, doing what I know is right, and protecting those whom I can and should protect.


P.S. I feel a rant about the death penalty coming on. Spoiler alert: I'm all for it.)


  1. I agree. With all you said. I tried not to follow the case, but it has been all the talk in my office.

  2. I just wish people would shut up about it, and stop hating someone they don't even know!