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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Parenting, History quiz and other stuff

Well, I've been a bad blogger lately. I haven't written a blog post in over a week. So, here's a quick synopsis on my past week.

Monday-Thursday were actually pretty event-less. Wednesday was the first day of institute for the semester. we're holding class at the ROTC center at ERAU instead of at the stake center.

Friday night was the YSA dance. It was a 50's theme, so I dressed as a greaser. The dance was a lot of fun, except for the fact that I rolled my ankle about 30 seconds after I started dancing. I kept going though. I also danced most fast songs and all slow songs; also, I remember several names. This is huge- I almost ALWAYS forget names, sometimes while I'm still dancing with the girl. I also met a girl named Ashley, who happens to know one of my e-pals, Jennifer.

Saturday, I was still in pain from my ankle, and also somehow managed to pull the muscle along the top of my foot, so I got to spend the day at work limping around. But my day got better- as I left for my lunch break, my brother Ben walked up to me; so he, his daughter Capri and I had lunch together. Ben and I talked about a few things, including parenting. We agree a lot on parenting. (This is kinda rare; he and I don't agree on politics and several social issues.) He told me how people are so surprised at Erin (his wife) for staying at home with Capri. We talked about how much it shows that parents these days don't take a care into their kids' lives, and how they blame parents and leaders at church (like Ben, the scoutmaster) for the kids' issues. Parents today suck. I would have NEVER ever considered listening to an mp3 player or playing on the phone at church meetings, while in the meetings themselves. Sure, I listen to my mp3 player a lot (I drain the battery about once a day) and I text a bit, but when I'm in a meeting i turn things off. I know it sounds chauvinistic and boorish, but I believe that children should not be raised at day-cares, and that when there are children at home, I believe that they deserve to be raised by two parents, in a traditional household. My mom stayed home with me. The only time my mom ever worked when I was growing up was when my dad was injured and couldn't work. Now, I have no qualms with my future wife working before we have kids/ after they all grow up, but I wan't a traditional family. The real problem is when people don't understand just what really is a want versus a need. I know this isn't an opinion that is widely popular, especially in the church, but that's how I feel.

Now, as my title says, I am going to write a little history quiz for fun. Answers are available in comments. NO CHEATING! (Note- If you disagree with the answers I provide, I will provide proof upon request.)

1) Which of the following men has a statue in the White House with the past presidents?
     A) Ben Franklin
     B) Jefferson Davis
     C) Joshua Pillow
     D) Robert E. Lee

2) Most Union Solders during the Civil War fought to end slavery:
    A) True
    B) False

3) Most slaves were severely mistreated:
    A) True
    B) False

4) How many men have served as POTUS under The Constitution?
    A) 44
    B) 43
    C) 42
    D) 41

5) Who was the youngest man to serve as POTUS?
    A) Teddy Roosevelt
    B) John F. Kennedy
    C) Grover Cleveland
    D) Andrew Jackson

Also, my little "and I'm a Mormon" pic now links to my profile.

1 comment:

  1. 1)- B. Jeffy was the president of the confederation during the Civil War.
    2)- B. Most union solders wanted to preserve the union. Slavery really wasn't even the actual cause of the Civil War.
    3)- B. Most slaves were considered valuable property, and were needed to be healthy in order to work. (Please note I do not condone slavery, nor anything similar to it. I just hate misinformation, and "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was pure propaganda.)
    4)- B. While it is considered to be 44, there have actually only been 43. Numbers 22 and 24 are actually both the same person, Grover Cleveland.
    5)- A. While JFK was the youngest man elected at 43 years, Teddy was only 42 when he was sworn in after McKinley was assassinated. Because he didn't serve a full two years, it was not considered a full term, thus he was elected two more times after being sworn in. Fun fact: Teddy was also the first person to run for re-election after serving two full terms.