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Sunday, January 1, 2012

3 youtube channels I found this year that I adore.

Ranked in order of epicness.

1) VKgoeswild

This girl is awesome. She's a Russian pianist who does rock/metal covers and improvisations on the piano. She does the arrangements her self, and they are quite good, although I still can't figure out why she doesn't use fifths in her arrangements. (I bring this up because most metal songs use power chords, aka 5chords, which is just root/fifth, as in E/B, or A/E. This is done for practicality, because it is very difficult to change full chord positions at 180 BPM. In her arrangements, however, she uses octaves, not fifths.) I love what she said when someone accused her of speeding up her videos: "I'm a concert pianist; ALL concert pianists play fast."

This is her playing my favorite song, "Tornado of Souls" by Megadeth

And, some easy-going stuff. Metallica's (ew) "Nothing Else Matters"

When I first heard her songs, I was impressed; when I saw her videos, I was amazed. Not only does she play the violin well, she dances as well, AT THE SAME TIME! While I'm sure she isn't dancing around like this in the studio while recording, you can tell from her live videos that actually does do both together. I quickly noticed she is dressed modestly in her videos, which made me curious. I checked out her website, and sure enough, she's LDS, and she served a mission in New York. Her awesome points doubled. Back to her antics- I'm still in awe of her ability to dance and jump around while playing the violin. I've struggled doing that with my guitar, so I know it can't be easy to do it with a violin.  I especially love the fact that she looks like she's having a ball the entire time. 

If youtube music channels were weapons, The Piano Guys would be the Cobra Attack Helo- the BIG guns. The Piano Guys are a piano store in St. George, and they do -amazing- videos, usually featuring Jon Schmidt and/or Steven Sharp Nelson. Again, double awesome points for being LDS. These guys are among the elite musicians of today, and they have so much fun while doing it.


  1. Way cool. I'd never heard of Lindsey. She looks and sounds fantastic. I didn't like the editing of the videos though. Too many cuts. But that's because I'm a nerd and I wanted to analyze her technique.

    Jon Schmidt is so cool. He's performed in my town several times, so I've been able to meet him and play in concert with him. The more I know about him, the more I find that he's just a really cool guy. A man came into the store a few weeks ago who'd served in the same mission as Jon (in Norway). One day he was walking down the hall in the MTC and heard amazing piano music. He stopped outside the door to listen. Eventually, more and more people stopped in the hall. When Jon walked out, totally oblivious, everyone yelled at him to keep playing. Great story, huh?