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Thursday, December 1, 2011

update on the tooth

Well, I went to see my old dentist today. First time in years. My tooth has abscessed, and will either need a root canal, or it will have to be yanked. Neither option is a happy one. If I get a root canal, it will hurt and cost almost $2,200, which is $1,998 more than I have right now; however, I will be saving my tooth, and aside from occasional maintenance on the cap it will be finished for good after just a few visits. On the other hand, I can have it pulled. If I do that it will only cost about $250; it will also screw up the alignment of my teeth, which grew in perfectly aligned. (Seriously, I have a perfect bite.) This means that I'll eventually need braces, which is about $5000 after all is said and done. Then, after all that is done, I'll have to get a bridge put in to correct the spacing.

I don't like My options.

Pics of my tooth will be coming soon. This sucker looks weird; plus, how often do you get to see the inside of a tooth???

Side notes_
I went ice skating at the rink they have set up at the bandshell (on the boardwalk along the beach.) I think this was the first time I can remember breaking out a sweat while ice skating.

I'm taking Brianna on a date to said ice rink tomorrow night. First date in... a while.

I think my depression has started to relapse. This, is not good in any way.

I'm working out a few ideas for rants. Most likely my next one will be on the Occupy Wall Street.


  1. Hooray for a fun date!!

    Sorry about everything else. Life is hard. It's been a rough 6-12 months for me too. But the Lord always comes through. I've had some tight financial woes and more emotional trauma and heartbreak than I ever want to experience again. However, I've seen miracles happen from rounding up my tithing, doubling the amount of fast offering I pay, and increasing the time spent in prayer and scripture study.
    Good luck with everything. You'll come out on top.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that, Kate. It's not anything I can't handle with the Lord, but I just don't like going through this tho. lol