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Monday, December 26, 2011

Something I really miss

I miss writing letters, and getting letters in return. Emails are cool, but there's something about writing something by hand, and reading another persons handwriting. I miss the anticipation of waiting for letters in the mail. I miss the rush of adrenaline I got when I would open the letter, unfold it and start reading. Melinda and I wrote over a hundred letters to each other. I would sit for days working on my response, carefully wording every sentence, trying to come up with questions to ask. (As if I didn't her already.) I would wait to hear from her, and she would tease me on the phone, saying she was almost done with it. I remember waiting with eagerness to get he letters in the mail.

I miss it. I wish I had a good pen pal sometimes. I have a whole case of envelopes, and a full book of stamps. I need to start writing letters.


  1. Do you know any missionaries from your area? I write to four or five of my missionary friends and cousins. I love their letters, and they love to get mail.

    As a kid, I was pen pals with my grandmother for several years. I kept almost all of her letters. She is a great letter writer, and told me lots of things about herself and her parents and grandparents that I may not have learned in usual conversation.

    Don't steal my idea, but someday when I write a book, I think it will be based on the hundreds of letters I've written. A novel seems so daunting to write, but I sit down to write a letter and the words pour out of my pen. It's such a personal form of communication and storytelling; I love it.

  2. That's an awesome idea. I'd totally steal it, 'cept I don't have nearly enough letters to publish :P Plus, I don't think the world is interested in gushy love-letters from two teenage kids. lol