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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

youtube: where every 14 year-old kid has a masters degree in everything. (A rant on trolling)

This is a debate I've found on youtube, typical of pretty much all youtube debates. I've copy/pasted it directly from the video, and only edited out profanity. 

"@DietDoktahPeppur Sorry but metal and blues are not music. When you say that "metal has its major roots" in classical music, what you mean is that it is simply a bunch of melodies and harmonic progressions stolen directly from classical and put on obnoxious instruments and voices of (at best) mediocre singers. Writing good music is not only about creating pretty melodies; it is about creating those melodies and developing them in a way that makes sense. Obviously you don't understand classical."

"@fjghtuekslieathi356 Ouch. Metal and blues may not be your cup of tea, and I'll admit I like classical better, but just because it's bad in your mighty opinion does not mean it is "not music". You have every right to like or dislike whatever music you wish, but then so does everyone else. If you can't see past someone's musical prefrences being different than yours to hear them out, I honestly feel sorry for you. You're missing out."

"@fjghtuekslieathi356 Writing music: Writing about sounds that should happen in a specific order.
Writing good music: Do the same thing, but make it so these sounds at this specific order creates specific emotions into some people.
Classical music: Specific set of rules that make writing good music somehow easier.
Blues music: Specific set of rules that make writing good music somehow easier.
Metal music: Specific set of rules that make writing good music somehow easier."

"@fjghtuekslieathi356 [poopy]: Characteristic of some music pieces, independant to the set of rules (or lack thereof) chosen.
Retarded: People who prefer a set of rules just because all the [poopy] music written following that set is lost, leaving only the very best of it, or loath upon the more recent sets because they only heard one bad piece written in it.
Totally retarded: People who loath upon people who enjoy more flavours than they do."

"@fjghtuekslieathi356 Pretentious [people]: People who believe that nobody but them can understand the depth of something."

"@superdupper1841 You misunderstand me. It is not "my opinion" that classical is "better" than metal. What I said is a fact, that classical is more worth listening to because metal and blues just take melodies and sounds from masterpieces such as the one in this video. Also, classical pieces have musical forms more complex than "verse, bridge, chorus." I'm not saying no one has the right to listen to metal; I just don't understand why they would want to instead of classical."

"@BernardMitochondrie Writing good music: creating new sounds and melodies that are aesthetically pleasing and/or emotionally stimulating, and then thinking of ways to develop upon those melodies and sounds in a way that makes sense.
Classical: exactly that
Blues: take old sounds from beautiful masterpieces and and put them to a bad singer's voice and verse, bridge, chorus
Metal: the exact same thing
Arrogant ignoramus: persons who thinks writing good music is that simple "

"@fjghtuekslieathi356 Aesthetical please: Emotion.
Making sense: Obedience to a set of rules.
Emotion stimulation: What happens when good music is played. That's not simple to do, though, but that's the point.
Blues: Set of rules totally different than classical. Different scales, use of chords, tensions, harmonic behabvior.
Metal: Set of rules very close to classical, save for a sparce usage of blues scales and rythm emphasis."

"@fjghtuekslieathi356 Fast judgement: Things that happen when you accuse someone you don't know at all of something (e.g not understanding depths)
Narcissical behavior: Act of judging all tastes and beliefs but one's, fast. Assuming one's taste is better. Refusing to admit subjectivity of taste.
Lack of culture: Thinking blues is just a lame copypasta of classical, when classical was merely a very thin part of the inspiration bundle."

"@BernardMitochondrie Sure, whatever. You can define terms however you want. They're just words. The point is that, while tastes are subjective to a certain extent, classical will always be more "emotionally stimulating," or "aesthetically pleasing", whatever, and intellectual than blues or metal. And if someone truly thinks otherwise, I would suggest that they are simply less enlightened, NOT that the person himself is necessarily "inferior."
Now please stop trolling me."

Okay, people, this is youtube, not the U.N. Being right doesn't actually matter. Let's all calm down, shut up, and enjoy the music. 

Thank you. 

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