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Sunday, March 11, 2012

a great quote

For those who don't know, I study American Kenpo. The founder, Ed Parker, was a member of the church. (He was also Elvis' bodyguard, and gave Elvis a Book of Mormon.) Well, a few days ago I was reminded of a quote by Ed Parker that has I have always loved

"When you hear it, you've been lied to; when you see it, you've been deceived; when you feel it, you know."

In other news, I think I've finally got my game back. I got a number last night at a YSA event. Unfortunately, she is from Utah, and is attending BYU-I in a few weeks. But hey, it's a foot in the door, right?


  1. Congrats on getting some digits. :)Definitely a foot in. Just come to BYU-I too. Problem solved.

    I've lost my game the past few weeks. School has me majorly stressed out, and I'm in survival mode, which leaves me logical and cynical and not flirtatious. But that's ok. Dating always picks up in Spring semester.

    1. Actually, I may be heading that way in the future for the pre med program.

  2. Nice! It's such a great school, and the pre-med program is really strong.

    Also I have to say that about ten minutes after I left my comment, I had a guy I know from class walk up to me and ask for my number. And I got asked out by two other guys the next day. Funny.

    1. Haha good job Kate!

      Yeah I'm not sure which type of medicine I wanna do yet- I'm torn between Family/Sports, Neurology, and Psychiatric Medicine.