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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

September 6, 2005

That was my sixteenth birthday.

This is a post another one of my e-pals posted, and I'm totally stealing it. Advice I would give my sixteen year-old self. I'll say these as if I was talking to me on my sixteenth birthday.

1) Don't slack off. You'll finally get to take German, so study hard. You only managed a 2.9 GPA last year, so do better.

2) Save every dollar you earn at the parking lot. Seriously, I don't even remember what I bought with that. How many sixteen year-old kids make 400 dollars a week?

3) Don't join Slage (a band I joined in high school). Bad Karma (another band I played for) should have taught you to stay away from Black Metal.

4) Practice guitar every day for at least an hour. Be dedicated when you practice. You were a prodigy when you started (seriously) but you gave up the discipline. Get it back.

5) Don't buy that guitar case. You won't even be using that guitar in a year.

6) Go to EFY.

7) In March, you'll get a huge opportunity to change your life forever- take it. I'd likely be married to Melinda right now if I had done that.

8) Speaking of Melinda, don't get jealous of the friendship she has with Matt. She'll be your GF in a year and a half- relax. Once she is your girlfriend, don't be jealous of the other guys in her life, even Burke.

9) Join that ballroom dance class with Matt.

10) Dedicate at least half an hour ad day to Kenpo.

11) Don't hurt Lindsay. She'll be one of the few who will help you later on when your whole life crashes.

12) Keep up a solid work-out routine.

My readers are encouraged to steal this one. It makes you think.

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  1. Good post. I may steal it. Actually, I will. Right now. I have 15 min before class, why not?