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Thursday, March 15, 2012

please tell me you're kidding

In case you haven't heard, the band Junkyard Prophet has become the latest in a long list of people who have embarrassed the christian religion this year. Yesterday, they were supposed to perform at a 6-12 school, then talk an anti-bullying message. Sounds sweet, right? Not really.

This is what they chose to do instead.

I don't understand why people act like this. They took an important message, sexual purity, and defiled it. To tell a 13 year-old girl she will "have mud" on her wedding dress if she isn't a virgin in not only hateful and untrue, but a mockery of the atonement. I don't know where the hell they get the idea that a woman should be "submissive" to her husband. And what does that mean, anyways? Does that mean she should degrade herself at his request? Participate in debauchery? Why do men act like this? how could a man claim to love a woman when he would so quickly disrespect her?

 [tangent] As a matter of opinion and taste, I can't stand submissive/wimpy women. This is probably because I was raised by a mother who is incredibly headstrong and firm, as are most women in my family. Every girl I've ever been serious about has been strong and firm. Now that said, There is a point where it becomes too much. When we cannot ever reach a compromise, it isn't gonna work. I'm an easy person to get along with, but when someones version of us "comprising" was her getting everything her way, she became my ex. 

Now then, The biggest problem with this kind of behavior is that it leaves a sour taste in peoples mouths about Christianity. When someone tells pure lies, and preaches hate as a doctrine, those who hear it don't want anything to do with it, and won't accept the truth when it is later presented to them.

There's an old sayin' down here in the south, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar." These hippo-Christians need to learn that.

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