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Monday, September 19, 2011

A week of rants, part II: What does it mean to be a man?

First, read this article. 

Now that you have an idea of what a man truly is, I'ma make a list. (I suppose- I'm kinda making this one up as I go.) This list will include examples, scenarios, and just plain are/are not lines of what manhood really is.

1) A real man loves everyone woman in his life and treats every one of them with the up-most respect. A man would never share intimate details about his wife, mother, daughters, sisters, or any one else. A man would never use a woman, for anything. A man never hits a woman in an attacking manner. ( I do believe a man has the right to defend himself if attacked, but self-defense doesn't necessitate beating someone up.)

2) A real man loves, honors, sustains and respects his wife.  This includes how he speaks to her and about her. A real man doesn't raise his voice with a woman. A real man doesn't belittle a woman to her face, and would never dream of speaking ill of her behind her back. An example of a guy not being a man is someone I'll refer to as "Vance." A close friend of mine, Vic, whom I consider a 3rd grandpa, used to go have "Vance" as a primary-care doctor. Vic told me, after Vance had run off with a younger woman, (something else a real man would never do,) how Vance would brag to Vic about the things Vance's wife would do sexually. I got sick when I heard that. What type of person would betray his wife like that? The things that a wife does to show her love to her husband should NEVER be discussed outside of the marriage, except in situations where is it necessary, such as marriage counseling.

3) A real man owns up to his mistakes.

4) A real man doesn't let another person be singled out, or get thrown under the bus. In example, when a girl I know got caught making out with her boyfriend, (no, it wasn't me) her boyfriend didn't run out the door and drive off. He sat down and took the beratement that the girls father gave them both. 

5) A real man loves Heavenly Father and Jesus more than ANYONE else and ANYTHING else. No questions asked. This may seem to contradict numbers one and two, but if a man loves his God more than anyone else, a total and complete love for his wife, mothers, daughters and other beloved women will naturally occur, because in order to love God, a man MUST obey God's commandment to love Gods daughters.

6) A real man works. This may include a plethora of things, but a man works hard at every task he undertakes, takes price in his efforts, and does his employers well.

7) A real man takes care of his family. This means providing for them temporally, and spiritually. A real man always takes his children's feelings into consideration, and would NEVER intentionally hurt them. This includes yelling at them or losing his temper with them. Every man has the ability to control himself, and will be judged according to how well he actually does.

I could go on and on and on, but for the sake of those reading this, I'll keep it short and generalized. If anyone reading this would like to discuss this further/pick my brain on the subject, feel free to email me. 

In general, a real man truly is like Jesus. When I think about the type of man I want to be, I think of men I know personally. Men like Brother Vause, Brother Long, Brother Allen, Brother Singler. I have a complete and total respect for each and every one of those men. They are so close to the Lord, and it shows. I want to be like them. I wish I had known that when I was a teenager. 

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  1. Really great post. I consider myself very, very blessed to have been surrounded by honorable men my whole life. My brothers, grandfathers, seminary teachers, uncles, bishops, Sunday School teachers, and especially my close friends have all been wonderful examples and influences in my life. I think the youth hear a lot about how much influence young women have on men, but I think it's equally true vice versa. At least it's been true in my life.