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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An (extended) week of rants, part VI: Top-5 most over-rated guitarists.

Inspired by my last rant, I am going to give a quick list of the most over-rated guitarists ever. (please note, these are modern electric guitarists.) These guys aren't necessarily bad, but they are way too popular, and given too much credit.

5. Eddie Van Halen: Everybody thinks his song "Eruption" is the greatest thing ever played on a guitar. When he played it, it was new. Two-handed tapping was new, and the sounds he created, scales he used, speed, were all new. But in all perspective, he wasn't all that great. In order to be a great guitarist, you must also be a great musician. Eruption

4. Slash: Slash sucks. Seriously. Everything he does is played with a Wah pedal. While he has the basic concept of feeling, he rarely is capable of matching his the tone and sound of his solos to the sounds and tone of the song. Slash

3. Kirk Hammett: As I stated previously, Kirk has no feeling, no technique, no skill. His picking is kinda fast, but not much else going for him.Kirk

2. Yngwie Malmsteen: He is the most well-known Neo-classical guitarist; also, he is the least-talented. His idea of guitar playing is that: Play scales and arpeggios really fast. That works great with bowed instruments, but they have a short sustain- a guitar has prolonged sustain, and that should be used. Yngwie.

1. Jimi Hendrix: Hendrix is the most well-known electric guitarist. He did so soem really cool stuff, but Rolling Stones voted him the best guitarist ever. Seriously? No. He plays cool-sounding stuff, but as I've stated before, their isn't much more than lose expression in it. A guitarist must also be a musician, and Mr. Hendrix is not.  Voodoo Child

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