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Sunday, September 25, 2011

An (extended) week of rants, part V: An argument that doesn't make sense.

I hate most of Metallica's music. (Most anything that wasn't written by either Dave Mustaine or Cliff Burton.) I don't really make a habit of listening to them or watching Metallica videos on Youtube; however, I do watch  few from time to time.

Now, James Hetfield, Metallica's rhythm guitarist/lead singer, is alright. His guitar riffs aren't too complicated, and about half of his lyrics are the word "yeah", but he's decent. Metallica has always had outstanding bassists, but Kirk Hammett (lead guitar) and Lars Ulrich (drums) suck. They are terrible, and worst, over-rated. There are millions and millions of fan boys and fan girls who swear Lars and Kirk are the greatest ever. (Don't get me wrong, there are tons of Megadeth fanboys who think Dave Mustaine is the greatest guitarist ever, but while that isn't true either, he is at least much better than Jame and Kirk.)

I see a ton of people who bash Kirk and Lars. It's everywhere. It's not as much that we are singling them out because we hate them or wanna destroy their careers, but they get way too much credit. But every time someone calls out Kirk for playing out of key, or Lars for playing off tempo, (both of which happen regularly...)  some idiot always comes back with "Well can YOU play better than him?"

What a stupid comeback.

I can't even draw a strait line, (or even a crooked one) but I can sure as hell tell if someone else sucks at drawing as well.

I don't play Violin, or write classical music, but I can surely tell you "Cannon in D" isn't all that amazing

I'm not very good at spelling, but I can surely tell you any1 who talk like dis cuz they cool n u don't b hatin is a complete moron.

What makes this worst is a lot of the people who call out Kirk and Lars PLAY the freakin' guitar/drums. I know Lars isn't very good at drumming because I listen to his beat patterns, and they are easy, and always the exact same. He uses the wrong symbols at the wrong time. He seriously sounds like a little kid with no sense of timing or musicality. Kirk always uses the Em Pentatonic scale for EVERY solo, over-uses the Wah pedal, uses very basic tapping techniques and never follows the chord progressions. (Don't get me started on his lack of feeling.)

I play guitar. I played on drumline. I love music, and have a well-developed ear for music. I know what both instruments should sound like, and these guys don't have it. I'll never undstand why they are so popular.

I'll never understand why Kirk is put in with the likes of Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, Joe Satriani, Al Pitrelli, ect.

I'll never understand how people can compare Lars to Bonzo, Nick Menza, Jimmy Digrassio, Neal Peart, Pete Sandoval, ect.

I don't understand!!!

Proof Metallica sucks 
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  1. I feel the same about Joshua Bell.

  2. His stuff hasn't really impressed me either, and I know very little about the violin.

  3. He stinks. I don't know why he's popular. Sure, he went to Julliard at age 12. But people mistake prodigy for virtuoso. I love Nigel Kennedy and Hilary Hahn.