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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

YSA Beach party

Last Saturday was the annual YSA Beach Bash. Matt and I were out body-surfing, and two sisters started swimming near us. Well, I tried to talk with one of the sisters, and it didn't happen; I ended up talking with her friend. So, about an hour later, the girl I wanted to talk with was out swimming on her own. I decided to try again; this time I had success. We hit it off great. We talked for hours. She told me to add her on Facebook, which kinda bummed me out because I wanted to get a number. Great day.

Sunday, Lauren Newman came up to me at church, big smile.
"Josh, I was SO glad when I saw you talking to that girl yesterday."
"Yeah, I was pretty glad about it too."
"No, I wanted to hook you two up!"
"You know her?"
"No, but when I saw her, I figured you two would be perfect. She didn't just hang out with a big group of girls the whole time."
"Well, I guess I took care of that for you."

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