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Thursday, June 9, 2011

not-so awesome possum

A family of possums has moved into the crawlspace under my house; this normally wouldn't bother me too much, except they keep dying under there. Ever smelled a dead animal that's been decaying a few days under a house in hot, humid weather? Whatever smell you're imagining, it isn't that pleasant, and it is permeating throughout the entire house. I finally have gotten into the habit of doing grocery shopping and keeping groceries stored in my cabinets, and now my kitchen smells like an unwashed hobo's armpit. The past few times one died, it was near the entrance of the crawlspace, and we've been able to get them out; however, this time it decided to die somewhere near the laundry room, which is way far away from both crawlspace openings. Aaron and I both tried to get inside the 2nd opening, because the primary one is blocked, but neither of us could fit, and once we saw lil' junior possum staring into the beam from the flashlight, we decided to let the professionals handle this one. Let's see how it goes.

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