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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Uhg. Why? Why? WHY???

So last night was amazing. I hadn't taken a bike ride like that since BEFORE Laura and I started dating. Yeah, it'd been a while. I felt amazing. I was so worn out by the time I got home. It was so relaxing though. I took a long break somewhere in Daytona Beach Shores, sat down on the sand and just stared into the endless abyss. My ride down Dunlawton Ave was quite relaxing as well. I set my iPod on Sarah McLachlan, and listen to the songs I added but hadn't yet listened to, including her song "Stupid." Wow. Interestingly enough, I was thinking about Laura when that song came on. How does the chorus start off? "How stupid could I be?" I'm not gonna go into details about how that describes me feelings about that relationship, however. I've done that enough times on here. I've moved on. I'm not entirely okay with everything, but I've accepted it.

It seems like the more and more I commit, and the more and more I want to serve a mission, the more things are against me going. My latest news is i need a root canal. Not terrible news, except I don't have insurance, and a root canal is about $700, plus about $1,000 for a crown. This sucks. My only alternative is to have the tooth extracted, but if I do that, my other teeth will migrate towards the empty space. My teeth are naturally aligned, perfectly, and I don't wanna change that. I don't want braces.


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  1. BTW, I'm not saying that Laura and I weren't a good match, because I still believe we were; I'm saying the first line of the chorus, fits perfectly.