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Friday, August 23, 2013

Re: Kate

I've actually been meaning to update my blog, and Kate's comment finally got me doing it. So here's the skinny:

I am on the Winter/Spring track; however, I plan on staying in Rexburg year-round. I declared Physics as my major, but I will be changing it to Biology/ Neuroscience. (This damn 120 credit ceiling sucks.) I have narrowed down my apartment to either Arbor Cove or Georgetown. I am --hopefully-- going to ship my stuff with my friends Mike and Kat. They're on the Fall/Winter track, and they have an apartment in IF. They are renting a POD and Kat told me if there is room I can put some stuff in there. She also said that there will be room since their stuff is mostly wedding presents. I am planning to fly into SLC on the January 1st, and I've gonna spend a couple of days in Provo with my sister Cherryl until the 3rd. From there I will either hitch a ride or take the SLE to Rexburg.

I have a heckuva hill to climb once I get there. Med school applications are done in may of your junior year, and you have to complete all your pre-med courses by that semester, which means I have to have the following done in no more than 5 semesters:
6 credits of Math
6 credits of English
8 credits of Biology, w/ lab
8 credits of Inorganic Chemistry w/ lab
8 credits of Organic Chemistry, w/ lab
3 credits of Bio-Chemistry, w/ lab
6 credits of Physics, w/ lab
3 credits of Spanish (not required but encouraged)
3 credits of Psychology (Not required, but is part of MCAT)

Yeah.  The good news is math and english are covered by my foundations classes, and  Bio as well as InorgChem are part of the Neuroscience major.

I'm gonna have to do fast-track, or change to Fall/Winter track. The latter is actually better, as I would then be graduating in April instead of July. (Med Schools usually matriculate early-mid July.)

So for the right now, I quit GFS. I walked out. I refused to be insulted by them only offering my 9 hours a week. Goodbye.

I start at Winn-Dixie in 7 hours. I'm really not looking forward to it. WD usually caters to the most difficult of shoppers. (think ratchets)

I have considered not working until November when UPS does their annual temp jobs. I know they'll rehire me. Plus, I'm moving out next week, so I don't have to pay rent the rest of the year. I am so glad to be moving out. I will never live with gay people again. I know that sounds bad, but they are absolutely the worst to live with. I'd rather live with a bunch of drama-ridden girls.

Well, my somnolent hallucinations have progressed to the point of my keyboard looking and feeling round, so I think I should go to sleep.


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  1. Hey, I'm glad you got stuff worked out. That's awesome. Congrats on taking a huge life step. And I wouldn't worry about getting all those classes taken in 5 semesters. That's only 10-12 credits a semester, which is normal or below the usual credit load. And the Tutoring Center is AWESOME! Totally recommend tutoring for any science class. Also, Fast Grad is being mostly phased out, and you have to have completed 50 credits before applying (I believe, anyway). However, any student can register for 300 and 400 level classes any semester. So you might want to make a call to admissions and find out what the story is on that. Or just talk to them in person when you get here.

    And yeah, credit ceiling is a pain. I had 100 and got a registration hold that required me to submit a grad plan before it was lifted. Annoying.