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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Narcissism is glorious. Let us all bask in my epic infallibility!

I did one of these a few years back, and I figured why not. I'll see how many I actually do. I'm not doing 100 facts about myself at 2am

1) I hate when people try and make themselves sound like something they're not. (Like that idiot Chiropractor who called himself a physician.)
2) I used to wonder why MDs didn't respect Chiropractors. The more time I spend around the medical field, I understand.
3) I believe that most forms of healing have a place, as long as they actually work.
4) I injured my right knee 4 years ago when I was hit by a car on my bike.
5) I was bed-ridden for about a week.
6) I recently have started having problems with that knee. It's getting worst. I can barely walk sometimes.
7) It needs an MRI; however, I'm poor and have no insurance.
8) I'm not bothered by profanity in some cases. I actually feel like it can be used correctly, and "substitute" words don't convey the same meaning.
9) That said, I hate when people can only use profanity to make a point.
10) My first favorite band was the Beach Boys.
11) My first favorite song was the old theme song to "All Things Considered"
12) My Second favorite band was Backstreet Boys
13) Then Lincoln Park
14) Then Aerosmith
15) then Metallica
16) Now it's Megadeth
17) I'm not sure how I feel about Megadeth's new album. I like some of the songs, but I can't stand the pseudo-enlightened political dribble.
18) Dave Mustaine used to have really well thought-out lyrics, especially when it came to political songs. I miss those days.
19) Old Dave (1990): Brother will kill brother/ spilling blood across the land. Killing for religion/ something I don't understand. Fools like me/across the sea/ they come to foreign lands! Ask the sheep/ do you still believe/ do you kill on God's command?
20) New Dave: Sentenced to work a dead-end 9-5/ trapped in a dingy corporate cubicle heel. Then go to work on the midnight shift/ any chance you get selling gas at the corner Shell. 3-letter groups listening in on you/ courtesy of Big Brother.
21) Those facts aren't about me
22) That second song has a pretty cool chorus.
23) My current roommates has made me lose a lot of respect for homosexuals. The way they treat non-gays is actually pretty disgusting.
24) Back to music: I'm not shocked that I enjoy metal. I was raised on classical, and I always gravitated towards the darker and more aggressive forms. I can't really get into romantic era; I love the baroque era.
25) My favorite classical works: Night on Bald Mountain, Winter and Summer from the Four Seasons, Adagio for Strings, Fantasia on a Theme, Firebird Suite and Rites of Spring.
26) Yes, I find that previous fact ironic.
27) Growing up, all I listened to was classical, blues, jazz, oldies and some soul. Then one day my sister played a Metallica CD when my parents weren't home.
28) I hate small Dogs
29) I love big dogs.
30) Before realising I needed to go into medicine, I wanted to be a cop.
31) I couldn't decide between doing SWAT or being a K-9 Handler.
32) I think Siberian Huskies are the most beautiful animals ever, followed closely by the German Shepherd.
33) I would make an excellent businessman, but I hate business.
34) I am a character in a horror book.
35) It was written by my friend Tom as a "creative writing exercise."
36) It's called 'The Daily Death: How I Killed my Coworkers in 30 Days."
37) He was working with me at Food Lion at the time. Every day he would write about the fictional death of one of us.
38) I died after getting struck by lightning during a concert.
39) I'm worried about not fitting in socially at BYU-I.
40) I'm extremely introverted
41) My experience with YSA also tells me I have very little in common with my peers in the church.
42) Best I can figure, the total crap I've dealt with over the past few years has changed me a lot, and I find other's lack of maturity about life annoying.
43) I don't think facing homelessness multiple times is something a lot of people deal with as an adult. It's not an easy thing to go through.
440 I once almost chewed out a missionary because of an off-handed comment he made about how I don't let small things get to me anymore. I wanted to badly to tell him about all the crap I've dealt with since last year and ask hi how he would react to it.
45) I wasn't having a good day that day obviously.
46) I really miss playing Baseball and Football
47) If it wasn't for my knee I would try out for one or both at BYUI
48) I'm looking at a few guitars. As soon as I have the money, I wanna get these, in this order: King-V Soloist 7-String Soloist 

I'm done. Goodnight

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