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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This weekend was LEGIT!

So Sunday, right when I got home Joey, one of the other YSA reps in the stake, called me and told me one of the YSA girls up in Palm Coast was getting kicked out of her house. A few phone calls were made and she got hooked up with a room with the Livingstons, our YSA advisers. Well as she was getting settled in Danny called me and asked if I wanted to stay over with him and Joey in New Smyrna. I wasn't working yesterday so I said sure. Well Danny picked me up around 7, and Joey and Amber (the girl from PC) met Danny and I at one of Joey's friends' house to watch the NBA finals. After that, we watch a DVD of a stand-up guy Kevin Hart. This guy is one of the funniest comedians today. All weekend long the five of us kept quoting him and having inside jokes about it all. (This was kinda nice too, because recently the group has splintered off into two cliques, and the others have been laughing about inside jokes for weeks leaving us kinda frustrated. It was nice to turn the tables by walking in to a room, looking at Joey and saying "Shut it DOWN!" and the five of us busting into hysterics.) Well after that, Danny, Joey and I stopped by 7-11 (because we were waiting for midnight so we could finally eat) and loaded up on junk food. Once we got to Joeys house he went right to sleep; Danny and I stayed up talking and playing chess. Now, keep in mind also there was a tropical storm going on all day Sunday and Monday.
Monday we wet back to Dylan's house (Joey's friend) and then headed back over to Daytona for a Ward BBQ party on the beach. Danny and I stopped by the Livingston's house to pick up Amber, and then we got lost trying to find the park. We eventually found it, and had a blast. (Danny and I also had fun trying to drive in a tropical storm with bad windshield wipers. After the BBQ, John (another YSA from New Smyrna), Dylan, Amber, Danny, Joey, Bella (Dyan's friend) and I all went to the mall, and then to FHE. At FHE we watched Charlie (which I didn't really enjoy) and said goodbye to the twins, who are leaving back for Idaho. After FHE Amber, John, Joey, Danny and I went back over to Dylan's house to watch the game. Bella showed up a little later, and we then watched Signs. That was so much fun; we turned off all the lights in the house just to make things even creepier.

I needed a good weekend like this. Next weekend, we are having a guy's night at Dylan's place, then a regional YSA beach party the next day. This is gunna be sweet.

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