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Thursday, May 5, 2011

What an odd dream

Yeah, this one, was odd. And not necessarily pleasant.

It starts off with me at a high school football game. While I'm watching the band, the guy next to me (whom I hadn't even noticed) says something strange that I don't understand. I turn to look at him, and It's Laura's dad. I ask him what he is doing there, and he says he always comes to the local high school football games. He and I make small talk for a while, and after the game he invites me over to have dinner with him and the family the next day. My dream then picks up I am at their house (which is in Apopka, somehow) sitting on the couch with a bear (yes, a pet bear) on my lap. Oliver and her dad are there, as well as Kevin, Melinda's older brother. The rest of the family shows up, including Laura, whom I wasn't expecting to see. There was a catch though- as soon as Laura heard I was there, she wouldn't leave her room.

The rest of the dream was me walking home from Apopka.

Interesting things to note:
Kevin, Melinda's older brother, was nicknamed "the bear"
Laura lives in Dubuque; Melinda lived in Apopka while we dated.

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