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Friday, May 27, 2011

OOOHHHHH i guess it's about time I updated, or something like that.

So, to start off, I'm glad I started going to Mai Tai; it is the only place in Daytona that plays some good music. The Well used to, but I aged out last September, and it was kinda weird hanging out at a place with a bunch of high school kids. But Mai Tai is 21+ after 9, so the maturity level is a lot higher, and the atmosphere is a lot nicer. Technically, Mai Tai is a bar, but it isn't like any other kind of bar. Mai Tai just has a very clean reputation, very tight security, and is just a nice place to hang out- they have no cover charge, either, so that makes it even better. Bob, my sensei, works security there. He is the one who talked me into going inside the first time. (He joked with me the other night, saying he has turned me into a bar-hopper.)

I am in a weird place emotionally, right now. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so good at finding out information. Sometimes, I wish I could just let go. But, I guess it's like with Melinda- it will always sting.

I'm seriously thinking about recording a bunch of songs and putting them on iTunes and Amazon for like, fifty cents. I wanna share my music, not make money off it. I want people to listen to my music, and feel the way I feel when I listen to Marty Friedman or Jason Becker.


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