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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Behold, a "moral" nation

Let's start off with some song lyrics. This is from Iron Maiden's "Blood Brothers." This is the 2nd verse through the bridge.

"And as you look all around at the world in dismay
What do you see, do you think we have learned
Not if you're taking a look at the war-torn affray
Out in the streets where the babies are burned

We're blood brothers, we're blood brothers
We're blood brothers, we're blood brothers

There are times when I feel I'm afraid for the world
There are times I'm ashamed of us all
When you're floating on all the emotion you feel
And reflecting the good and the bad

Will we ever know what the answer to life really is?
Can you really tell me what life is?
Maybe all the things that you know that are precious to you
Could be swept away by fate's own hand."

I am completely disgusted by the way people are still reacting to Osama's death. We should not be celebrating this. We should not be cheering. Glad he's dead? Sure. But if the killing of a human being, and celebrating said killing, is what patriotism is all about than I don't wanna be a patriot; I just wanna love my country. He was an evil man, yes. Justice was done, yes. He deserved his fate, yes. But now that he is dead, this should be a moment of closure. This should be a time of moving on. He was still a human being, and as such should still be treated with respect and dignity. The problem is, we've become a country of hate. He are told that we should hate. Hate in embraced as a cause and creed, as if it was an admirable quality. What kills me the most, is that most of these people who act like this, are Christians. Did none of these people ever read the bible? Where, in The Bible, Book of Mormon, Qur'an, or any other scripture is hate taught? NO WHERE! THAT'S WHERE! Anyone who tells you the Qur'an preaches hate, has never read it, and that's a fact. If someone tells you it tells of hate, ask them them where. Demand they give you a specific passage. They won't be able to. The best they'll be able to say is "it's all over the place" or "well it's in there." No it isn't.
Something else that is really burning my ass right now is politics. I have no taste for partisanship. I Cannot stand political parties or extreme political views, with conservatives being the worst offenders lately. They have based their views on nothing but winning. It's like the lyric from Metallica's song ...And Justice for All "Seeking no truth, winning is all. Find it so grim, so true, so real." They have been in "freak the f*** out mode" since the 2006 and 2008 elections. This wouldn't bother me as much, except people are actually buying this bulls***. People honestly think the president hasn't signed any worth-while legislation. They listen to these hate-mongering blowhards who care about nothing but their own egos and ratings. They play the patriotism card at every turn, and accuse anyone who disagrees as "hating America" or being "un-American." This is such a load of crap. Patriotism isn't a set view of political ideas. It is loving one's country and wanting what you feel is best for it. I get tired of politics. I get tired of people calling me a liberal because I don't have conservative views. I am a moderate. deal with it. Extremism, in ANY form, pisses me off. I hate when people at church seem to think that I don't have a very strong testimony because I don't feel the same way they do. I hate it.

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