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Sunday, April 22, 2012


First, I hate dyslexia. I joke around about it a lot, but it took me four tries to spell the title for this post. Thank you Google Chrome for eventually figuring out what I was trying to type.

So, I was called as a ward YSA rep a few months back. I didn't realize how much of an uphill battle I would be fighting when I accepted the calling. (From my dad during dinner- one of the reasons I don't like living with my parents, and I really have a strong disdain for my dad being my bishop.) The Stake Presidency here hasn't really put a lot of effort into the YSA program for years, and the program has really suffered for it. We have over 100 names on our roster for our ward's YSA, and only six show up regularly- Bri, Aneesa, The Twins, Valarie and me. (That's just the Daytona ward. There are others from the rest of the wards in our stake.)  Now, a lot of the names on the list probably don't live here anymore. We get a lot of people who move here for college, go inactive, move away and we never know. There are also a ton of people who live here, and either attend church but not activities, or they attend the singles ward in Orlando.

Those last two groups frustrate me the most. They complain that thew YSA program here isn't strong enough, but they do nothing to help it. It's like people who complain about the government but don't vote.  (Tangent: If you are eligible to vote but you don't, don't tell me how you feel about anything; as far as I'm concerned, you have no right to your opinion. If you actually cared, you'd vote, no matter how unsubstantial your vote may be.) Now as I was saying, there are YSA-aged kids in our stake who don't come to activities. I can think of at least 10 right now. It makes my calling so needlessly difficult when I invite a long-time friend to FHE, and he says he would rather go to Orlando's YSA because there are more people, but he'll start coming to the DeLand activities when we get more attendees.


After prayer and thought, I do feel that It is best for me to stay here until next March- I have made commitments to the regional YSA, and I will be on the committee for a huge YSA conference next March. So I am staying, but all of the other YSA are leaving

John, Jeff, Joey and Danny are all leaving on missions. Bri is heading out to BYU. Daysha and Aneesa are just moving to Utah. Valarie is moving to Arizona. The Twins (Jefferson and Perrin) are moving back to Idaho. Rosie is going to BYU-I. That leaves Shaun, Lakin, Christie, Siggy and me. Lakin and Siggy come from time to time, and Shaun only comes to institute.

Sometimes, I just don't know what to do.

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  1. I can completely relate. This is called leadership.