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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

90 Second video blog, pics and vids of my past few weeks.

Well, as I stated two posts ago, I am once again at home with my parents, which I am still not happy about. I am also still unemployed.

but that's enough depressing stuff.

I didn't include the bandshell at the opposite end of the boardwalk. They were holding the NCA/NDA championships, and it was way too loud.

These two are a hoot. They are very typical of twins, and they always trying to outdo each other. I love it. watch this video on youtube to find links to parts 2 and 3.

This is Jeff (the tall one) and John, the kid I mentioned a few posts ago. John is amazing- he has learned three types of juggling just by watching videos online. I could never do that. He also learned break dancing and guitar the same way. (Yes, that is Moonlight Sonata 3rd mvnt. in the background.)

 This is just the YSA chillin' with Tommy. 
 Puerto Ricans make for great desks apparently... 

 The Beach, again :)

 Boardwalk, right next to theBandshell
 My adorable niece Lydia, the product of Sarah and Mark 

 The first time I shot an arrow without an arm guard was also the first time I needed one. 
 I made a mistake. I decided to practice guitar when my skin was still wet from the shower. The result? Cracking calluses. 
I guess grammar isn't necessarily to sell insurance. 

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