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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Impromptu music lesson

I never knew it was possible to get an injury playing cards. Jammed fingers= illegitimate suckage.

Today was the primary presentation at church. My 3rd as a teacher. This is also the 2nd time I've played my guitar in sacrament meeting. This happened as a result of me opening my big mouth (in a not-mean way) when the pianist kept messing up a simple song a few months back. So I got to play a solo at the end of the primary presentation.

I showed up early
I set up the mic
I tuned my guitar
Tested the mic
Tuned my guitar
Set my guitar down
Tuned my guitar

Solo time comes up. All I can hear is a flat E string.

After church, Richard and Jefferson, who both play piano very well (concert level well) Bri (who doesn't know squat about music) and I were hanging out in the Young Women's room. (The only one with a piano that wasn't being used.) Bri asked me how I know where to press down on the strings.

Her mistake

Rich and I bombarded her with scales, semi-tones, frets, white and black keys, key signatures, note names, ect. I looked over to see her mouth open, eyes wide.

So, we made a diagram of a keyboard on paper, and made a way for her to memorize the keys and treble clef. We then helped her learn "Praise to the Man" (same song i did my solo to.)

We didn't leave until almost 3


  1. Haha, this happens to me all the time too! Especially now that I work in a music store. Someone will come in to rent a violin and leave knowing basic technique and a song. Also, I didn't know members could play the guitar in sacrament meeting. They've asked us to stay away from guitar and brass instruments around here. Maybe it depends on the leadership in the area.

  2. Brass are outright not allowed. Guitars are only allowed if it keeps in the spirit of the meeting." All bowed strings except for a bass are allowed, and no woodwinds except flutes/pics

  3. And it must only be an acoustic guitar. Eletrics may not be used, and if it an electric/acoustic, it may not be used as an electric.