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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A weekend spirit-fest.

This weekend rocked. It really did

Friday started off with me sleeping in until about 11. I did some laundry, cleaned up a bit and made arrangements to go to Orlando. I met Autumn, Christy and Sam at CVS, and we went over to the stake center. From there Sam and I drove with Dan and Jo to Orlando. We had such a blast on the way, blasting music and flirting with girls in other cars en route to the fireside. The Fireside was amazing. I took some great notes, and saw some amazing things. One girl asked a question about doing her genealogy, and Elder Bednar asked about where she was from, and made the comment that they must be related because Bednar was a Slovakian name as well, and then told her to call his secretary (which general membership isn't supposed to do) and get in contact with someone from the church's genealogy department who could help her. The girl broke down crying. It was really an amazing thing to witness. After the fireside we all went and invaded Perkins, as did about 50 other YSAs. I had such a great time with the YSAs there. The ride back was a ton of fun. Great time.

Saturday, I woke up around 8, and went into work at 930. I arranged to leave early, and eventually found a ride to the stake center. Adult session of Conference was just as awesome as the fireside. Elder Bednar gave an amazing talk, and I got to spend a lil' bit more time with the YSAs.

Sunday was the perfect end. The choir sounded amazing. Even though we only got to sing one song, I know we made an impact on the spirit of conference. Elder Bednar and the 70 that was with him both gave excellent talks. I defiantly am going to take their advice.

Best weekend ever. Special thanks to Dan, Jo, Daysha, Autumn, Sam, and everyone else who helped make my evening and weekend rock.

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