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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Are you really that dumb, or do you actually speak as poorly as you type?

Anyone who knows me well knows I try my best to think of people positively, and that I usually give anyone a chance. They also know that I can be very anal about grammar, even though I am dyslexic myself. (Heck, if it wasn't for spell check, everyone would think of me as a retard.) So when I read something online that is typed like "dis" where all the word are spelled phonically, and the phonics are "ghetto" (or in other words, ignorant) I can't stand reading it, and I usually said writer is a complete idiot. Why in the word would you try giving someone advice online and type it like this:
"i use to play dis song to my girl,...and den she left me...i didnt expect the lyrics of dis song will happen to me..."
Yeah, she left you because you type like 3rd grader bud. Have we really become the type of society where ignorance is celebrated, and we treat the dumb-asses as geniuses? It's just like that "elite speak" where they combine letters with numbers that resemble letters, or numbers replace numbers entirely. I once saw a shirt that was written in elite speak that said "If you can read this, you need to get laid." While I don't condone sleeping around, I like the greater message: GET A LIFE!

Last on my rant is "txt tlk" crap. Yeah, I have been guilty of it too from time to time, usually when I'm trying to trim down my message or type it really quickly, but using it online? Seriously? totally waste of time even reading what you have to say.

I am anti "txt tlk."
I support good grammar.
So for your sanity and mine,
type out your DAMN words.
Thank you

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