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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A lesson on counsels

Thursday night, I had the privilege of going out with the elders. (I haven't been out with the elders in a long time. I went out with the sisters back in February, and that was it.) I really enjoyed myself. But I got a huge insight into how to truly hold a counsel with the Lord.

The last person we tried to see wasn't at her apartment, and as we were leaving, we stopped to talk to a young man who was sitting outside his apartment smoking. As we talked with him, it came out that he was going to attempt suicide. We continued to talk to him, and it became clear to me he had seriosu psychosis, as his suicide plan was to drink a bunch of kool-aid and smoke till he died. He wasn't doing well, and we eventually had to leave. As we walked off, we tried to figure out what to do. Elder Mullen and I wanted to call the police. Elder Bohn wanted to go back to the apartment and  talk with his grandma. We couldn't come to a decision, so we said a prayer. As soon as Elder Mullen finished the prayer, we all three just turned and started walking back to the apartment. We all three were inspired to go back.

While we never got to speak with his grandma and eventually just called the police, I learned something that I wish I knew a month ago when dealing with problems in the YSA: When we come to an impasse, let the Lord guide.

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