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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Once again, my life has returned to a sense of normality. I moved out of my parents house and I am now renting a room from two awesome people. I am getting good hours at work. I am living on my own again. I got called as the YSA rep for my ward (which is the calling I had been lusting after.) I have a good social life with the YSA around here.

But, I don't feel normal. I hate the fact that I know what's causing this, but there really isn't much I can do. I get so hopeless sometimes. I feel spiteful and venomous towards the YSA at times. I hate this feeling. I hate having this depression. I want to feel normal all the time. I don't like feeling offended and ostracized by people who have intended no harm and done all they can to include me.

I wanna be normal again. I know what normal feels like. My senior year of high school was normal. I want it back.


  1. Yay! A post! I've missed ya. :) Congrats on moving and your job and calling.