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Sunday, November 6, 2011

because I'm tired

1) Two more undefeated teams fall. This, is why I love college football. The final score from tonight's national championship game between LSU and 'Bama: LSU 9-6. That's why I love SEC football.

2) Fiddle> Classical Violin. (sorry Kate, but my Dixie blood runs deep lol)

3) I have a cavity on my top-left incisor. It's right at the gum. My teeth annoy me. They came in dead-perfect in the alignment department, but they are so soft they get cavities all the time. 

4) I love cold weather. I'm over the Florida heat, and worst yet, the Florida humidity.


  1. 1) I love college football too. Although I do wish my Utes were putting on a better show in the Pac-12. Oh well. Next season.

    2) It's ok. I like fiddle music. I have an Old Crow Medicine Show CD in my car. My classical training runs deep, deep, deep though. I'm too rigid to fiddle. In fact, I think my classical technique would improve from some fiddling, but none of my teachers are fiddlers, and I'm too timid to venture into strange country alone.

    3) Sorry dude. Dental work sucks. And it's expensive.

    4) We must have very different definitions of cold weather. It's currently 35 degrees here, which is actually not that bad.

  2. 1) I've been a secret fan of the Utes ever since they beat 'Bama in '08

    2) Funny, I had to learn to loosen up my picking technique after years of playing metal.

    3) To make things worst, my body is resistant to numbing agents.

    4) I love cold. Florida cold is different, though. My Friend from Boise even admits 40 here feels colder than 10 there. I haven't had any real cold weather yet this season, but I can feel it coming.